How Can I Make My Hair Kinky Curly

Styling tips


It is very vital to delete old product stuff from your hair and begin with a clean slate. Wax, grease, butters, oils and silicone cover the hair shaft and must be fully cleaned out.  Residue and/or product stuff may lead white flakes or film.


Apply a best amount and comb via your hair with a broad tooth comb while it is wet through with conditioner. On solid curls do not rinse out. On free curls rinse and leave a quite on the ends.


On solid curls divided hair into little parts and use to soaking wet hair. Perfect each part with fingers from the root to the finish of the hair. If a part begins to dry re-wet with water from a bottle of spray. On loose curls hair can be damp and you can scrunch into larger parts of the hair. 


How much product should I use?

The quantity of product used will vary from one client to the next. The quantity you need will depend on the end look you want to achieve and the thickness and length of your hair. Thicker solid curls want more product and free wavy curls can go away with using pretty less. Apply more manufactured goods for extremely managed curls and use less product if you want extra fullness and body. As the more product you use the longer your style will last. Just checkout the site or this post:

My hair feels crispy when it is dry?

The manufactured goods can dry with a solid hold if over used. You can use less product the next time or apply the Pomade Gloss to un-scrunch the crunch.

Some sections of my hair are frizzy and some places are perfect and curly?

Sounds like you did not use the product evenly to each part. One thick solid curls you can never blow the curling custard on the peak of your hair and expect best results. It will not go in the inside layers to describe the curls. On your next try ensure you divide your hair into little sections and use to each part beginning at the root and smooth it all the way down the hair length to the ends.

When my hair is dry end up with a white Chunks/white film in my hair?

Another product you are presently using or have used in the past is not mixing well with Curling Custard. Yu must apply shampoo on your hair to delete the buildup.